Scarlett O’Hara is Irish spunk personified. She has the chutzpah to color way outside the lines. And when life doesn’t turn out the way she hopes, does Scarlett give up? Nope. After all, “Tomorrow is another day.”

Just think: Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With the Wind, a Pulitzer Prize winning, 1,000 page story, in 1936, without the delete key on a word processor.

The lesson here us Margaret Mitchell DID IT. Over 80 years later (and counting) people still  learn from Miss Scarlett. They still talk about her legacy. As a professional personal historian, time and time again, I hear, “I want to tell my story.”

Then the clincher, “Someday.”

Although three-quarters of Americans intend to tell their stories, they don’t. The project is scribbled on the “Someday List,” but way too often before the Someday calendar page turns, it’s too late. The story and the legacy are lost forever.

I call it the “Someday List Syndrome.” You never know what might happen next year, next month, next week, or even tomorrow. Please don’t play roulette with the universe.

Tell your story now. 

Your descendants deserve to know your story.

They deserve to inherit your legacy. 


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