Extraordinary Moments

Ordinary lives are filled with extraordinary moments. Some even change our lives. Judith’s extraordinary moment started with a glass of milk and hunk of cornbread.

For as long as Judith can remember her Irish,
full of blarney, Grandpa Henley would pour a
glass of milk and grab a hunk of cornbread.
They would sit at his yellow Formica kitchen
table, and he would tell her stories.
Grandpa’s stories always had a lesson.
They left a lasting legacy.

Our work. Your results.

Dreams come true

Grandpa Henley taught Judith the power of stories and changed her life.
She dreamed that someday she would use stories help others change
their lives and build relationships like the one she had
with her beloved grandpa.

Dreams do come true. Today, Dr. Judith Kolva shares her passion for storytelling through talks and workshops for a wide variety of audiences. Her presentations are ideal for high-net-worth family meetings, company retreats, conferences, service clubs, and meeting planners looking for an influential, memorable speaker who motivates and inspires audiences.

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STORIES teach us

who we were, who we are,
and who we can be.
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Story Power: Your Hidden Heritage

It’s stories, not sterling, that link generations.

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