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Do you jot fragments of cherished memories on sticky notes? Are you confused about how to get started? Or maybe you procrastinate and get stuck on “someday”?

You’re not alone. The Legacies In Ink team understands your obstacles. We’re here to help you every word of the way.

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who does what?



  • Review and approve.

legacies in ink

legacies in ink

  • Research genealogical and historical context.

  • Write and edit the story.

  • Research historical documents and images.

  • Restore and archive images.

  • Shoot custom photography and create illustrations.

  • Design ancestral and lineage family trees.

  • Craft custom layout and design.

  • Manage production (printing and binding).



  • Plan book’s scope and format.

  • Conduct interviews at narrators’ locations, worldwide.

  • Select photos.

  • Celebrate with a book-signing party.

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